Rubber Seals

Rubber Seals

We are an excellent manufacturer of rubber seals in China.

The Types of Rubber Seals

The sealing strip market is mainly made of EPDM rubber, rubber and other materials. According to its use, it can be divided into automotive sealing strips, mechanical sealing strips, door and window sealing strips and other categories. 

Door and window seals classification: Plastic door and window seals, aluminum alloy door and window seals, wooden door seals, cold storage door seals, grain door seals, flame retardant door and window seals, glass seals, automatic revolving door seals, construction Door seals, curtain wall seals, etc..

Door and window seals EPDM products' main performance: non-toxic, environmentally friendly, aging and high temperature resistant, stable performance, can maintain good performance in summer and winter. (1. Triple composite steel frame, not easy to deform and shrink, firm assembly, and good sealing performance 2. Sealing strips for doors, windows, and curtain walls. The product has good elasticity, resistance to migration, and can effectively block noise, dust and weather.)

The Features and Uses of Industrial Rubber Seal

  • Features specifications recommended temperature range: EPDM material -40 ° F— 248 ° F (-40 ℃ —120 ℃) 

  • Applications are mainly used in door door leaf frames, side windows, front and rear windshields, engine covers and luggage Covered. Besides, many types of the rubber seal have the functions of waterproof, dustproof, sound insulation, temperature insulation, shock absorption and decoration like the drilling pump gasket. Rubber hinges for luggage compartment doors can also be produced. 

  • The unique formula design makes EPDM rubber seals have superior anti-aging, high and low temperature resistance and chemical resistance, good elasticity and compression resistance, and will not crack or deform in long-term use, which is outstanding among oil well drilling equipment suppliers.

  • It can maintain its original high sealing performance between 50 degrees and 120 degrees. Experience in the design of the cross-section of the rubber strip and the comprehensive design of the system ensures good waterproof, dustproof, soundproof, temperature-isolating, and shock-absorbing effects. The sealing strip is easy to install, firm and reliable, and the movable door switch is lightweight.