Driling Tools

Driling Tools

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Including drill bits, drill strings, downhole power drilling tools and stabilizers, shock absorbers, jars and other tools.

There are three types of rock-breaking tools that are indispensable for drilling when drilling. There are three types of roller drills, diamond drills and scraper drills: ①The roller drill is composed of the drill body, tooth claw, cone, bearing, water eye and so on. According to the roller structure, it can be divided into two types: milling tooth type and insert tooth type. According to the bearing structure, it can be divided into sealed (or unsealed) rolling bearing and sealed (or unsealed) sliding bearing. The roller cone bit is suitable for drilling various formations. Most extensive. ②Diamond drills were initially limited to hard formations, and their varieties and scope of use are expanding. Although the price of the drill is high, it has a long working life. If it is used reasonably, it can achieve good economic results. ③Scraper bit has simple structure, convenient manufacturing, and fast drilling speed in soft formations, but the torque is large when drilling, which easily damages the drilling tools and equipment. In recent years, a new type of cutting bit is being developed, which is embedded with a new type of wear-resistant material of different geometries on the bit base, which can adapt to various lithologic formations and can be drilled at high speeds, and its economic effect is increasingly significant.

The general term for all downhole drilling tools from drill rods to drill bits, consisting of square drill rods, drill rods, drill collars, stabilizer joints, and various other accessories. The function is to lower the drill bit, transfer the mechanical energy required to break the rock to the drill bit, apply drilling pressure to the bottom of the well, transport the washing fluid to the well and perform other downhole operations.

The influence of drilling equipment on drilling quality and speed The influence of drilling equipment on drilling speed cannot be ignored. In the drilling cycle of a well, the extension of the drilling cycle due to equipment problems accounts for most of the time. The impact of the equipment is roughly divided into the following situations: 

1) The rig configuration cannot meet the drilling needs, such as insufficient power of the rig and insufficient hardness of the drill bit. 

2) The equipment is not regularly maintained and overhauled, and often fails and delays the construction period. For example, large-scale equipment such as diesel engines, mud pumps, and air pumps in individual wells have repeatedly failed. 

3) Outdated drilling tools, reduced performance, increased the frequency of downhole accidents, such as one drill collar trip, one drill pipe trip, and two drill pipe breaks.

4) Incomplete well-equipped tools at the wellsite delay the construction period. For example, the drilling tool breaks repeatedly in individual wells without the male and female cones of the salvage tool; there is no spare bit. In the existing drilling fluid systems of deep wells and ultra-deep wells, the coating agent generally has a temperature resistance that does not meet the design requirements.