Fishing Tools

Fishing Tools

We are an excellent manufacturer of drilling fishing tools in China.

Introduction of Fishing Tools

Salvage tools are the most widely used special tools for oil and water well overhaul construction, the most frequently used, and the most complete variety and specifications.

 There are many types and specifications of fishing tools like taper tap fishing tool and so on. According to the types of falling objects in the well, they can be divided into five categories: pipe fishing tools, rod fishing tools, rope fishing tools, logging instrument fishing tools, and small object fishing tools. If classified according to the structural characteristics of the knot tool, it can be divided into six categories: cone, spear, tube, hook, basket, and other categories. 

(Baidu Encyclopedia) During drilling and completion and downhole operations, the drill pipe, drill collar, casing, tubing string is stuck or broken, the drill bit cone is dropped, the logging instrument or cable is stuck, the cable wire rope is pulled and sealed Separator is stuck, sand set, severe leak, well collapse, blowout, etc. cause normal drilling, workover and completion operations to be interrupted. Fishing tools or special measures are required to remove the leak, collapse, jam, spray to restore normal. operation. The operation and process of removing leaks, collapses, jams, and sprays is called "fishing." If you want to learn more about the oilfield drilling equipment, please contatc us!

The Types of Fishing Tools in Drilling

1.According to salvage tubing

Soft fishing: steel wire (rope) / cable

Hard fishing: tubing / drill pipe / coiled tubing

2. According to the occlusion relationship

Inward fishing: fishing spear / male cone / outer hook

Fishing out: fishing tube / female cone / inner hook / fishing basket

Classification of Fishing Tools

Fishing out: Retractable fishing barrel, female cone, inner hook, three ball fishing device, etc.

Inward fishing: male cone, retractable fishing spear, casing fishing spear, outer hook, inverted buckle, fishing spear.

Others: strong magnetic salvage, reverse circulation strong magnetic salvage, salvage cup, reverse circulation strong magnetic salvage basket, reverse circulation, circular salvage basket.