Valve Seat Puller

Valve Seat Puller

A valve seat puller is a tool used to remove the valve seats from the cylinder head of an engine. This tool consists of a long rod with a threaded end and a special claw attachment that grips the valve seat and pulls it out of the head.

A hydraulic valve seat puller is a service tool. 

It is used to take the installed mud pump valve seat out of the mud pump fluid end module, during the process of replacing the valve seat or mud pump maintenance. At the same time, eliminate damage to fluid end expendables caused by removing the valve seat with a cutting torch.

It consists of an oil cylinder, hydraulic hand pump with pressure gauge, all thread rod, puller claw etc. This tool is more effective to finish the maintenance and mud pump repair work with fewer manpower and shorter time. 

It is suitable for API#4 valve seat, API#5 valve seat, API#6 valve seat, and API#7 valve seat. Mud pump valve seat puller for  3-WEB valve seat, 4-WEB valve seat, and FULL OPEN valve seat can all be provided.

It can be applied to Gardner Denver triplex pumps, Emsco mud pumps, NOV triplex pumps, Bomco pumps, OILWELL mud pumps, IDECO pumps, OPI pumps etc.

A seat puller is a removal tool in a mud pump. It is used to remove the installed valve seat from the fluid pump module of the mud pump during the replacement of the mud pump fluid end valve body, valve seat, or maintenance of the mud pump. It consists of an oil cylinder, hydraulic manual pump assembly, full-threaded rod, claw head, pressure gauge, tee and so on.

Material: Full-threaded rod, claw head is 35CrMo forged.

The advantages of the product are: simple structure, easy to use, can save a lot of manpower and time, and cost-effective.

What Are the Different Types of Valve Seat Pullers?

Valve seat pullers are tools used to remove the valve seat from the cylinder head of an engine. There are several types of valve seat pullers available, including:


Handheld Valve Seat Puller: This is a simple tool that is manually operated by the user. It consists of a handle, a shaft, and a hook that is used to grip the valve seat.


Pneumatic Valve Seat Puller: This type of valve seat puller is powered by compressed air. It is designed to be more efficient and powerful than the handheld type. It can be used to remove valve seats from large engines, such as those used in heavy-duty trucks and heavy equipment.


Hydraulic Valve Seat Puller: Similar to the pneumatic type, this tool uses hydraulic pressure to remove the valve seat. It is also designed for use with larger engines.


Electric Valve Seat Puller: This type of valve seat puller is powered by electricity. It is often used in automotive repair shops and is designed for removing valve seats from smaller engines.


Overall, the type of valve seat puller you need will depend on the size and type of engine you are working on, as well as your personal preference and budget.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Valve Seat Puller?

A valve seat puller is a tool used in engine repair to remove valve seats from cylinder heads. Here are some of the benefits of using a valve seat puller:


Easy Removal: A valve seat puller makes it easy to remove valve seats that are stuck or difficult to remove. It applies even pressure around the circumference of the seat, ensuring that it comes out smoothly without damaging the cylinder head.


Time-Saving: Removing valve seats manually can be a time-consuming process. A valve seat puller speeds up the process significantly, allowing mechanics to complete engine repairs more quickly.


Cost-Effective: Valve seat pullers are relatively inexpensive tools that can save mechanics a significant amount of money in the long run. By preventing damage to cylinder heads, mechanics can avoid costly repairs or replacements.


Versatile: Valve seat pullers can be used on a variety of engine types, including cars, trucks, and heavy equipment. They can also be used to remove valve guides and other components.


Professional Results: Using a valve seat puller ensures a professional and high-quality repair job. It minimizes the risk of damage to the engine and ensures that all components are properly aligned and installed.


Overall, a valve seat puller is a valuable tool for mechanics and engine repair professionals. It simplifies the process of removing valve seats, saves time and money, and ensures professional results.

How Do You Choose the Right Valve Seat Puller for Your Needs?


When choosing a valve seat puller, there are a few factors to consider to ensure that you select the right one for your needs:


Compatibility: The first and most important factor is to ensure that the valve seat puller is compatible with the engine or cylinder head you are working on. Different engines and heads require different types and sizes of pullers, so it is important to check the manufacturer's recommendations or specifications before making your selection.


Size and Type: Valve seat pullers come in different sizes and types depending on the specific engine or cylinder head you are working on. Be sure to select the right size and type of puller to ensure that it will fit properly and safely remove the valve seat.


Quality: Valve seat pullers are an important tool for engine repair, so it is important to choose a high-quality product that is durable and will withstand the rigors of frequent use. Look for pullers made from high-quality materials and with a good reputation in the industry.


Ease of Use: Valve seat pullers should be easy to use and operate. Look for a puller that has clear instructions and requires minimal effort to remove the valve seat.


Price: Finally, consider the price of the valve seat puller. While it is important to choose a high-quality product, you should also consider your budget and select a puller that offers good value for money.


Overall, by considering these factors, you can select the right valve seat puller that will meet your specific needs and help you to efficiently and effectively repair your engine or cylinder head.