WKM Expansion Valve

WKM Expansion Valve

WKM Expansion Valve
WKM Expansion Valve

Technology Specification:

  • The design meets the requirement of API SPEC 6A

  • Nominal bore: 2 1/16 -7 1/16

  • Rated working pressure: 2000-5000PSI

  • Rated working temp:K、L、P、R、s、T、U、V

  • Material class: AA, BB. DD, EE

  • Product specification level: PSL1-PSL3G

  • Performance requirement level: PR1

  • Suitable medium: Petroleum, natural gas, mud

The expanding gate valve features a non- ring stem with an expanding gate design to provide safe dependable service in a variety of environments. It's available in flanged or threaded ends in standard bore sizes from 2-1/16”thu4-1/16” in working pressures of 3000psi thru 5000psi

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Full-Bore Design:

  • Maximizes valve service life

  • Eliminates the collections of destructive particles.

  • Expanding Gate

  • Produces a positive mechanical seal across the seats

  • Isolates the body cavity from bore pressure in both the open and closed position

  • Metal-to-Metal Seal

  • Body/bonnet interface, and gate/seat interface

  • Press fit seat

  • Press seat fits allow the seats to be tightly wedged into the seat pockets in the open or closed position

  • Long Life, Low Maintenance

  • Simple routine maintenance program limits repairs, eases operation, protects against corrosion, and extends service life

Besides the above valves, we can also supply various types of valves, such as check valve(globe valve), ball valve, butterfly valve, pressure relief valve, control valve, isolation valve, flush valve etc.