PFF Flapper Valve

PFF Flapper Valve

PFF Flapper Valve
PFF Flapper Valve

Technology Specification:

  • The design meets the requirement of API SPEC 6A. 

  • Nominal bore:113/16″-71/16″

  • Rated working pressure: 2000-20000PSI

  • Rated working temp:K、L、P、R、S、T、U、 V 

  • Material class: AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF

  • Product specification level: PSL1-PSL3G

  • Performance requirement level: PR1-PR2

  • Suitable medium: Petroleum, natural gas, mud etc. 

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Features in Design:

  • Comply with the requirement of API SPEC 6A

  • Valve structure includes two kinds, i.e. rising stem and non-rising stem

  • End connection type: Flange, thread, collar and butt welding.

  • Driving model: Manual, gear drive and hydraulic

  • Gate structure: Integral and expanded

  • The sealing face of gate and seat is overlaying-welded with hard alloy with erosion and corrosion resistance

  • The valve seat is classified into floating and fixed structure.

  • Stem filler adopts lip structure with reliable seal and small operation torque