Mud Pump Valve

Mud Pump Valve

Mud Pump Valve
Mud Pump Valve

Mud pump valve body and mud pump valve seat were produced according to API Specs as well as ISO9001 quality system by our company, were used high quality alloy steel 40CrNiMo、20CrMnTi, processed with overall forging and carburizing, the surface hardness HRC≥60; They were produced under accurate calculation and numerical control lathe, which makes dimensions of valve body and seat perfectly match each other, also were used many times by land and offshore platforms. The service life of valve body and seat are 4-5 times more than ordinary ones, which improves the working efficiency and decrease the cost and working strength.

Mud pump valve assy include valve body, valve seat, valve insert (valve rubber ). As to valve insert (valve rubber) material, we can provide Nitrile rubber (NBR) valve insert, polyurethane (PU)valve insert, compound polyurethane and HNBR.

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The following types of valve assemblies can be provided

Mud pump valveSpecificationsMud pump API4# valve , API 5# valve, API 6# valve, API 7# valve, API 8# valve
TypesRough-neck valve (full-open valve), three-web valve, four-web valve etc.
Valves we provided can be exchangeable with these pump valvesBOMCO F500 mud pump, F800 mud pump, F1000 mud pump, F1300 mud pump, F1600 mud pump, F-1600HL high pressure mud pump, F-2200HL mud pump
Honghua F-1300 mud pump, F-1600 mud pump, 3NB-1600HL mud pump, 3NB-2200HL mud pump
National Oilwell 7P-50 mud pump, 8P-80 mud pump, 9P-100 mud pump, 10P-130 mud pump, 12P-160 mud pump, 14P-220 mud pump
Emsco F-500 mud pump, F-800 mud pump, F-1000 mud pump, F-1300 mud pump, F-1600 mud pump, FB-1300 mud pump, FB-1600 mud pump
Gardner Denver PZ-7 mud pump, PZ-8 mud pump, PZ-9 mud pump, PZ-10 mud pump, PZ-11 mud pump
Ideco T-800 mud pump, T-1000 mud pump, T-1300 mud pump, T-1600 mud pump
Gardner Denver 7.5*10” FY FXD mud pump; 7.5*8” FY FXX mud pump , 5*10” FD FXD mud pump
Oilwell A-850-PT mud pump, A-1400-PT mud pump, A-1700-PT mud pump

DescriptionPump ModelPart No.
Valve assyBOMCO F-500AH0000020500
Valve assyBOMCO F-800AH0000020100
Valve assyBOMCO F-1000AH0000020100
Valve assyBOMCO F-1300/F-1600AH0000020300
Valve assyHONGHUA F-1300/1600GH3161-05.11.00
Valve assyHONGHUA 3NB-1300FGH3161-05.11.00(G)
Valve assyHONGHUA 3NB1600HLGH3161-05.11.00(G)
Valve assyHONGHUA 3NB2200HLNB2200G.05.31.00
Valve assyRSF1300L/F1600LQF36001-05.12A.00
Valve assyRSF1300/1600RS11309.05.10.00
Valve assyQF1300/1600QF36001-05.12A.00
Valve assyRGF500AH0000020500
Valve assyRGF800RGF1000-05.17.00
Valve assyRGF1000RGF1000-05.17.00