Core Barrel& Overshot Assembly

Core Barrel& Overshot Assembly

Core Barrel& Overshot Assembly
Core Barrel& Overshot Assembly

Our company can offer a complete line of single & double and triple tube core barrels, which will provide superior performance and obtain the full recovery of the sample in any application of diamond core drilling.

Using a wireline system, core is recovered quickly by retrieving the inner tube directly through the drill string. The rods remain in the hole until the bit needs to be replaced. This has big cost advantages when drilling deep holes for mineral exploration.

Standard Wireline Double tube Core Barrels are ideal for use in most of the drilling conditions and are available for application in standard hole sizes (BWL, NWL, HWL and PWL).

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Description of Core Barrel& Overshot Assembly

Wireline Triple tube Core Barrels enable integral core recovery when drilling coal, clay bearing or highly fractured formations. The split tube retains the core sample in its received state for easier loading into sample trays or for storage and subsequent presentation to the geologist. The Triple tube Core Barrels is available in N, H and P sizes.

When the inner-tube is full, a device called an overshot is lowered down the hole via a wireline cable and brought to the surface by use of a winch.

Once the inner-tube assembly is at the surface, an empty inner tube is lowered into the hole so drilling can resume

A Overshot is available for each size of core barrel. This is the retrieval device lowered on the wireline to recover the inner tube assembly containing core.

Size Available

SeriesSize Available
Wireline seriesB,N,N-2,N-3,H,H-3,P,P-3,BTW,BTW-U,NTW,NTW-U
ConventionalLTK48, LTK60, T2 76, T2 86, T2 101
Chinese standardSC56,S59,S75,S95,SCA56,SA95,SA75,SA59,SA95ZD,SA75ZD,S75ZD,PA-110,PA-130,P150,P91,P75,P59,956
We can also manufacture as per customer's drawings