BW Mud Pump

Product List of BW Mud Pump

BW Mud Pump

The BW pump belongs to piston pump, and have the function of common mud pump.

BW Mud Pump Common Model

Commonly used models are BW-150 mud pump, BW-160 mud pump, BW200 mud pump, BW-250 mud pump, BW320 mud pump, etc. It can be used in the field of geological exploration, oil drilling, mining, coal construction, geology, engineering construction supporting, chemical industries etc. 

The pump head is mainly composed of a cylinder liner, a cylinder top sleeve, a cylinder head, a piston, a tie rod, a steel ball, a valve seat, a valve cover and the like. It is a bottom-in and top-out type. The rod drives the piston to reciprocate to control the steel ball and The valve seat is opened and closed for suction and discharge operations. The three cylinders have a common suction and drainage chamber. An inlet pipe joint is installed on the waist flange on the side of the suction chamber to connect the suction hose (3-inch pressure-resistant hose) and the water filter, and the other end is blocked with the inlet pipe end cap. 

The drain chamber is equipped with an air chamber with a waist flange on one side and a 32 valve on the other side (easy for cleaning and unloading). The inlet pipe joint and air chamber can be changed 180 degrees on the left or right side of the pump according to the site layout. The piston is installed on the piston seat and is easy to disassemble. When the piston is worn, you can adjust the piston by pressing the M30 × l. 5 flat nut to compress the piston to make it expand and continue to work. One end of the tie rod is connected to the other end of the cross head. It is connected to the piston seat and is provided with an oil cup to facilitate its lubrication and a sealing component of the pump head.

BW Mud Pump Product Features

  1. Compact structure, beautiful appearance and durability;

  2. Detachable, easy to repair and relocate.

  3. Uniform flow, low pressure fluctuations

  4. High efficiency and energy saving.

  5. Safety operation