Product List of Manifold


Discharge manifold is the main part of discharge end of mud pump. The material is 35CrMo. One end is equipped with an exhaust filter assembly that delivers the pressure generated by the mud pump directly to the well, and the other end is equipped with an air pack assembly and safety valve, a pressure gauge, through the drain elbow.

Suction manifold is the main part of suction end of mud pump. The material is 35CrMo. The suction manifolds are processed with high quality and seamless flanges. One end of it is equipped with a suction air bag, the remaining two flanges are inlet, and the user can choose one of its imports to inject mud or clean water according to the installation position of the pump group.

Our company can manufacture different specifications discharge and suction manifold for F series, 3NB series, 12P-160,14P-220 mud pumps.

Manifold is a combination of multiple pipes. Manifolds include gate valves, pipelines, pipe fittings, pressure gauges, and other electronic sensing and hydraulic control systems. There are many types of manifolds, with different uses depending on the structure.

Common manifolds include throttling manifolds, pressure test manifolds, annular manifolds, and kill manifolds.

1. Three-dimensional structure: the use site is on the ship's deck, and the floor space is limited.

2. Reasonable matching: Throttle manifold and double sleeve well manifold are combined, and a two-story operating table is provided for easy operation.

3, complete functions: with all the functions of the horizontal manifold, the bracket is fully enclosed to prevent seawater corrosion, high support strength.

4. Convenient assembly: Due to its large size, it is designed as a combined type for easy transportation and installation, and consists of four parts.