Triplex Pump

Product List of Triplex Pump

Triplex Pump

1. The Over View of Triplex Pump

The triplex pump is a special equipment for filling cement and mortar in crankshaft variable grouting project, mainly used for curtain grouting of dam foundation, consolidation grouting and anchoring grouting, long-distance delivery of grout with large displacement, etc. Triplex pump has strong adaptability to high concentration and high pressure curtain grouting (8Mpa) and grouting mortar (diameter less than 2mm), which can be widely used in foundation treatment projects of various industries.

2. The Composition of Triplex Pump

Body mud pump on one side of the coupling, coupling on one side of the Settings are set, block set on one side of the set with oil, oil targets set at the bottom of the locating sleeve, locating sleeve on one side of the set against hydrosphere, set up a center in the bottom of the hydrosphere axis, center shaft set on only one side of the impeller, the impeller set on only one side of the pump cover, pump cover set at the top of the pump body, oil mark on one side of the set has a bearing cover, the bottom of the central axis set bracket, pump cover set at the bottom of the spring, spring set pressure ring, at the bottom of the bottom of the pressure ring set with sealing ring. 

The utility model is a triplex reciprocating pump, which can effectively improve the service life of the pump shell, bearing and impeller, reduce the project investment, improve the production efficiency, and prevent the leakage of nano-grade raw and auxiliary materials mud in the cylinder through the close connection of sealing ring, clamping spring and pressure ring.

3. The Features of Triplex Pump

  1. Hard surface forged alloy steel cattle/gear matching smoothly, quiet operation, extended.

  2. Alloy steel forged crankshaft balance.

  3. With CNC machining alloy steel plate welding frame, to ensure assembly accuracy.

  4. Self-aligning packaging to prevent leakage and extend service life.

  5. Three cylinder mud pump main interchangeable components and parts, to facilitate repair and maintenance.