What is the Reason for the High Temperature of the Mud Pump Engine?

What is the Reason for the High Temperature of the Mud Pump Engine?

The role of the mud pump in process control is to receive the control signal from the regulator or computer. The mud pump changes the flow rate of the regulated medium so that the regulated parameters are maintained within the required range, thereby achieving the automation of the production process. Therefore, the correct selection of mud pumps is of great significance in process automation.

How many meters is the suction lift of the mud pump? Before knowing how many meters the general suction of the mud pump is, we need to understand what the suction of the mud pump is. Let's take clear water as an example, the vertical height from the center of the mud pump to the water surface of the water source, that is, the mud pump can suck water up The height is called the suction lift. Mud pump manufacturers check the stainless steel inlet and outlet valve groups to avoid jamming and damage. Check the mud pump accessories. If serious wear occurs, please replace it with a new one immediately. When the pressure is abnormal, it will have a serious impact on the flow of the mud pump. , Check the change of the pressure gauge at all times, and check whether the inlet and outlet pipelines are blocked, especially the medium with relatively viscous liquid and medium with large solid particles. If the medium exceeds the passing standard, the medium may be adsorbed on the pipeline.

1. Reasons for the high temperature of the mud pump engine

The cooling system of the mud pump is leaking or the cooling water is insufficient; there are many scales in the cooling system, resulting in poor heat dissipation of the mud pump module; the engine is overloaded for a long time, and the oil supply time is too late. The water temperature gauge must be checked for faults and should be replaced if incorrect or faulty.

2. The mud pump is the role in the drilling process

The mechanical seal of the self-priming sewage pump adopts a new type of hard and corrosion-resistant tungsten carbide material, and at the same time, the seal is improved to a double-face seal, so that it can run in the oil chamber for a long time, so that the pump can run safely and continuously, and can transport mud or water to the borehole, etc. Flushing fluid machinery, mud pump is an important part of drilling machinery and equipment, under the alternate action of suction and discharge valves, the purpose of pressure feeding and circulating flushing fluid is realized. The sealed oil chamber of the self-priming sewage pump is equipped with a high-precision anti-interference leakage detection sensor, and a thermal sensor is embedded in the stator winding to protect the pump motor.

Mud pump manufacturers have different regions and habits, and ultimately the pump types involved will not be the same. The mud pump described in this article is a pump type in most senses: mud pumps used in the field of oil drilling.