Introduction of Bearing Roller Tapered

Introduction of Bearing Roller Tapered

Bearing roller tapered mainly bears radial and axial combined load. The bearing capacity depends on the raceway angle of the outer ring. With larger angle comes greater bearing capacity. This kind of bearing belongs to separate type bearing, which can be divided into single-row, double-row and four-row bearing roller tapered according to the number of columns of rolling element in bearing. The clearance of single row bearing roller tapered needs to be adjusted by the user during installation; the clearance of double row and four row bearing roller tapered has been given according to the users' requirements when the product is delivered from the factory, so it is not necessary to adjust it.

Bearing roller tapered has conical inner and outer raceways, and tapered rollers are arranged between them. The projection lines of all conical surfaces meet at the same point on the axis of the bearing. This design makes bearing roller tapered particularly suitable for composite (radial and axial) loads. The axial load capacity of the bearing is mostly determined by the contact angle α; the larger the angle α is, the higher axial load capacity it has. The angle is expressed by the calculation coefficient e; the larger the e value is, the greater the contact angle is, the greater the applicability of bearing axial load is.

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