Knowledge about Mud Pump Accessories

Knowledge about Mud Pump Accessories

The mud pump is a reciprocating piston pump, which is composed of many accessories. Today we will look at two of its main components.

1. The mud pump accessory—air chamber.

The air chamber of the mud pump is one of the main mud pump accessories in the discharge end, which is installed at the discharge pipe of the hydraulic end and it's used to both stabilize and compensate the pressure. The working pressure of the air chamber is 80% of the working pressure of the mud pump. Hence, it's important to relieve the pressure first before using air chambers. KB-45 air chamber is used in F500/F800 and KB-75 air chamber is used in F1000/F1300/F1600 mud pump.

When pulsation buffers are correctly installed and used, it can reduce pressure fluctuations in the discharge system effectively, thereby a more uniform fluid flow can be achieved. In order to prolong the service life of the air chamber, the recommended ratio between the pump pressure and the air chamber pre-charge pressure (usually no more than 2/3 of t) must be maintained at all time. Also, the maximum pump discharge pressure should not exceed 4.5Mpa.

2. The mud pump accessory—middle pull-rod.

The middle pull-rod forms one of the important parts in the power end of mud pump, with the function of transferring power to hydraulic end. The material which made up the middle pull-rod is 35CrMo, and the surface is plated with chromium. Also the surface is polished smoothly, which greatly improves the ability of wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

The Middle pull-rod is a major part that connects the crosshead with the piston rod. Also, it is the key component which connects the power end with the hydraulic end in the mud pump, with one end connects to the crosshead and the other end connects to the piston rod through clamps. The outer surface is equipped with a filling box assembly, which during the reciprocating movement, the outer circle of the middle pull-rob rubs against the sealing element in the filling box. Furthermore, the outer surface of the middle pull-rod is plated with hard chromium to ensure the ability of wear resistance.