Factors Causing Mud Pump Bearing to Burn out

Factors Causing Mud Pump Bearing to Burn out

The drilling mud pump bearing is an important component to ensure the normal operation of the mud pump. It is one of the main accessories to ensure the power output of the mud pump. Although the parts of the mud pump accessories are small, they have a great effect. Therefore, the research on the mud pump bearing is also one of the important issues of rational use of mud pumps.

1. Reasons for bearing burnout

Through the analysis of the use of the drilling team in the jurisdiction, the main reasons for the bearing in the mud pump accessories burnout are: ① The oil path is not smooth; ② The oil level is not enough; ③ The bearing itself has quality defects.

2. Ways to extend bearing life

① The mud pump we use runs in a harsh environment, and the internal seal of the mud pump accessories is not good, which will cause the mud to enter. Therefore, the oil circuit must be cleaned regularly to ensure that the oil circuit is unblocked. The easiest way is to blow with air to be able to check the oil circuit. Whether it is unblocked or not; ensure that the oil circuit is airtight and cannot leak air. Nowadays, CB50 gear oil pumps are commonly used. The advantages of this type of oil pump are simple structure and easy to use. The disadvantage is that the tightness requirements are high and there should be no air leakage, otherwise the oil pump is easily burnt, and cannot lubricate the lubrication points.

② Check frequently to make sure that the oil level is between the upper and lower scales of the oil dipstick, no more or no less, too much will cause the bearing to heat up, and the lack of bearing lubrication will not be effective; ensure that the bearing shell is intact to make the bearing fully lubricated.


③ When hooking up the car, it must be stable and try to avoid violent hooking. Excessive impact will cause great damage to all parts of the mud pump accessories.

④ To ensure the cleanliness of the oil, the pumps of the Gem series and Qingzhou series are forced to lubricate. If the oil is too dirty or contains too much water, it is easy to rust and cannot form an oil film, thus failing to achieve the lubrication effect. Therefore, the oil should be strictly sealed and stored. The pumps of the Lanshi series use splash lubrication, so the phenomenon of bearing burning is rarely seen, but the quality and volume of this mud pump accessories are large, and the road conditions of our well team are not good, so we should generally reduce the use of this kind of pump. Because it takes time and labor to repair, and has certain inconvenience in design.

⑤ There are no effective measures for the defects of the bearing itself. The defects of appearance can be observed with naked eyes and measured with the help of measuring tools, but the material problem of the bearing cannot be solved. The alloy ratio, hardness, wear resistance, etc. will affect the bearing. The service life of the bearing can also be increased by purchasing a reputable and regular manufacturer.

It can be seen that prolonging the service life of mud pump bearings must start from the drilling crew. Keeping frequent cleaning, frequent inspections, and ensuring the cleanliness of the lubricant can all prolong the service life of the mud pump bearings.