How Important is the Drilling Mud Pump?

How Important is the Drilling Mud Pump?

Many drilling industry experts will compare drilling engineering to the body movement mechanism of adults. The blood vessels of the human body are the boreholes of drilling, blood is like mud, and the heart of the human body is the drilling mud pump. Such a metaphor is not an exaggeration. During the drilling construction process, the improvement of drilling efficiency largely depends on whether the drilling mud pump is properly matched. The oil system has achieved a daily advance of 1,000 kilometers, which is due to the correct selection of the drilling mud pump. It can be seen that the drilling mud pump is unusual. What are the advantages of mud pumps?

1. Drilling mud pump saves energy and reduces consumption

The selection of mud pumps for drilling equipment is often larger than the actual needs. According to the characteristics of drilling mud pumps, the power is equal to the product of displacement and pressure, and the displacement is proportional to the stroke times of the mud pump. When the stroke frequency of the mud pump is reduced and the displacement is reduced, under the same pressure, the corresponding power consumption decreases proportionally; when the pressure is lower than the rated pressure, the power consumption decreases more obviously. The displacement can be set according to actual working conditions, which can significantly reduce energy consumption.

2. The stability of drilling mud pump operation

High-failure transmission equipment is eliminated, and the rotor of the motor is made of rare-earth permanent magnet material without excitation. The operation is stable and reliable, and the reliability is several levels higher than that of asynchronous motors or DC motors.

3. The safety of drilling mud pump

It adopts a dedicated variable frequency drive motor, which has multiple protection functions such as overvoltage, overcurrent, overload, underload, output grounding and output short circuit, etc., to protect the motor to the greatest extent, avoid motor burnout, and the downtime loss caused by the power failure of the drilling supplies mud pump is reduced.

4. Less maintenance and repair for drilling mud pump

The motor directly drives the input shaft of the mud pump, canceling the intermediate transmission link of the traditional pump set, making the structure more compact, saving the time for maintaining the transmission parts, and realizing maintenance-free.

5. Lower equipment volume and weight of drilling mud pump

The belt, pulley, protective cover and other related equipment are cancelled, the structure is simplified, and the pump set is small in size, light in weight and easy to carry.

6. Lower noise and vibration of drilling mud pump

The drilling supplies mud pump has no belt or chain transmission, which greatly reduces the vibration and noise of the drilling mud pump and greatly improves the working environment of workers.

With the rapid development of drilling technology, drilling mud pump accessories are gradually required to have greater working pressure, power and displacement. The manufacturing of the crankshaft is prone to errors, and the unevenness of the displacement is relatively large. These are the shortcomings of the traditional three-cylinder single-acting mud pump accessories, which will inevitably cause vibration during operation. And its volume and weight are big, and it is inconvenient to move and transport. In various types of drilling industries, conventional three-cylinder single-acting drilling mud pump accessories are easy to maintain and work reliably, and are still commonly used.