The Technical Standard and Usage of Thrust Bearing

The Technical Standard and Usage of Thrust Bearing

1. Technical standards of thrust bearing

① The bearing bush should be free of wear, deformation, cracks, scratches, delamination, rolling and burn defects; the impressions on the contact with the thrust plate should be uniform, the contact area should be no less than 70 and the bushes should be evenly distributed on the entire circumference; the thickness difference of the bush of the same group should not be more than 0.01mm, and the babbitt alloy of the bush should be rounded in the direction of rotation to facilitate the entry of lubricating oil; the bearing surface of the back should be flat and smooth.

②Adjusting gaskets should be smooth, flat, non-flexible, and use a layer of gaskets with a thickness difference of not more than 0.01mm. 

③After the bearing cover is assembled, repeatedly measure the thrust bearing clearance with the thrust shaft method, and the value should be within the required range. The clearance of the thrust bearing measured by this method and the side of the shaft displacement probe must be consistent, and the indicated zero position of the displacement probe must be adjusted according to the regulations.

④The horizontal joint surface of the bearing shell is tight and in a good position. The oil hole for measuring the oil temperature is aligned with the eye of the tile cover and is not deflected. The oil hole is clean and unobstructed.

2. The usage of thrust bearing

A water-lubricated axial thrust bearing includes a bracket. The top end of the bracket is provided with a thrust bearing block. The center of the bottom of the bracket is provided with a mounting hole, and the end surface of the mounting hole is chamfered. The bottom of the mounting hole is described, and the top slope of the cage is attached to the chamfered surface of the mounting hole, and the bottom of the cage is connected with a thrust bearing seat. It can work in water without oil lubrication. Its principle is that the sliding friction surface is smooth, the surface auroral friction coefficient is small, and it can withstand great axial thrust. It can be widely used in the working environment of the water inlet motor without oil lubrication.