What Affects the Quality of Dampeners

What Affects the Quality of Dampeners

In our daily life, some products we usually use will open and close when we use them. At this time, the dampener acts as a buffer. We all know that there are many types of pulsation dampeners. But no matter what types of pulsation dampeners, customers concerned most is the quality problem. After all, the quality of a pulsation dampener determines the service life of the dampener. So what will influence the quality of the dampeners when they are produced?

1. The impact of production materials

As we all know, for any mechanical product, in spite of types of pulsation damperners, its production material has a very important impact on its product quality. That is to say, if some high-quality production materials are used in the dampener production process, then the product produced by it must be guaranteed in quality. On the contrary, if some of the production materials used are of poor quality, the quality of the product is certainly not qualified.

2. The impact of production technology

In addition to the production materials mentioned above, the production technology also has a very important impact on the product quality. If the manufacturer has a very mature production technology, it must be in high quality. On the contrary, if the manufacturer's production technology is not mature, the product will have many bad performances in the using process.

In addition to the above two points, we also need to avoid placing the dampener in the direct sunlight or dark and humid location. Due to the influence of the surrounding environment, it is easy to cause corrosion, aging and falling off on its surface, so it should be placed in a ventilated place.

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