Why is the Mud Pump the Heart of Drilling

Why is the Mud Pump the Heart of Drilling

In the drilling operation of the mud pump, the construction time is generally long, and the mud pump is used more frequently. The mud pump is also known as the heart of drilling, which shows that its role is not universal. At the same time, the level of drilling efficiency is often directly related to the performance of the mud pump. The choice of mud pump type is particularly important.

1. Mud pump well drilling process

The three major functions of the mud pump drilling equipment are the circulation of lifting and lowering drilling tools, the provision of torque optional drill bits and the provision of mud systems. Among them, the main working equipment that provides the circulation of the mud system is the mud pump. The slurry pump drives the driving shaft to rotate through external power, drives the crankshaft gear to rotate, and performs mechanical movement through the crank connecting rod, so that the crosshead drives the reciprocating motion of the piston rod, piston or plunger, forming the process that slurry liquid can be discharged from the low-pressure chamber into the high-pressure chamber. The mud pump also has the functions of drilling bit, circulating mud, protecting the well wall, scouring the bottom of the well, and driving the screw.

2. Classification of mud pumps

Generally, it can be divided into two types: geological mud pump and petroleum mud pump. According to its structure, it can be divided into single-cylinder, double-cylinder, triple-cylinder, five-cylinder and seven-cylinder mud pumps. According to the pressure, it can be divided into low pressure, medium pressure and high pressure mud pump. According to the transmission mode, it can be divided into diesel engine transmission and mud pump transmission.

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