Run East Mud Pump Six Advantages Analysis

Run East Mud Pump Six Advantages Analysis

1. Mud pump can save energy

Mud pump selection is often larger than the actual need, from the characteristics of the mud pump, it is known that the power of the mud pump is equal to the product of its displacement and pressure, displacement and stroke proportional relationship. In the same pressure, the mud pump stroke and displacement decrease, the corresponding power consumption is reduced, and in the rated pressure below, the power consumption decreases more obviously. Set the displacement according to the actual working conditions, can significantly reduce energy consumption.

2. Stability of drilling mud pump operation process

Without the high fault transmission equipment, the motor rotor adopts permanent magnet material without excitation, the drilling mud pump operates stably and reliably, and the reliability is enhanced by several grades compared with asynchronous motor or DC motor.

3. Reduce the maintenance of the drilling mud pump

The motor directly drives the input shaft of the mud pump, eliminating the transmission link in the middle of the traditional pump set, and the structure is more compact, saving the maintenance time of the transmission drilling mud pump parts and realizing maintenance-free.

4. Safety of mud pump

This machine adopts a special frequency conversion drive with various protection functions such as over-voltage, over-current, over-load, under-load, output grounding and output short-circuit, etc. It protects the motor with maximum strength to avoid motor burning and reduce the loss of mud pump shut down due to power failure.

5. Reduce the volume and weight of equipment

Abolition of belts, pulleys, shrouds and other related equipment simplifies the structure and makes the pump set small in size and easy to operate.

6. Less noise and vibration

A direct drive mud pump does not use a belt or chain drive, which greatly reduces the vibration and noise of the mud pump and greatly changes the working environment of workers.

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