Selection of Energy-saving and Cost-reducing Mud Pumps is Often Greater than Actual Needs

Selection of Energy-saving and Cost-reducing Mud Pumps is Often Greater than Actual Needs

Energy saving and consumption reduction of mud pump

The selection of mud pumps often exceeds actual needs. According to the characteristics of mud pumps, power is equal to the product of displacement and pressure, and displacement is proportional to the stroke of the mud pump. When the stroke of the mud pump is reduced, the displacement decreases, and the corresponding power consumption also decreases proportionally under the same pressure. When the pressure is lower than the rated pressure, the reduction in power consumption is more obvious. Setting the displacement based on actual working conditions can significantly reduce energy consumption.

Stability of mud pump operation

After eliminating the transmission equipment with high failure rates, the rotor of the motor used rare earth permanent magnetic materials without excitation. The mud pump runs steadily and reliably, and its reliability is several grades higher than that of asynchronous motors or DC motors.

Safety of mud pump

The special variable frequency drive motor has multiple protection functions such as overvoltage, overcurrent, overload, underload, output grounding, and output short circuit. It greatly protects the motor, avoids motor burnout, and reduces the downtime caused by mud pump power failure.

Reducing maintenance and repair costs of mud pump

The motor directly drives the input shaft of the mud pump, eliminating the intermediate transmission link of traditional pump units, making the structure more compact, saving repair time of transmission components, and achieving maintenance-free operation.

Reducing the volume and weight of equipment

The related equipment such as belts, pulleys, and protective covers are eliminated, simplifying the structure and making the pump unit smaller, lighter and easier to carry.

Reducing noise and vibration

The direct drive of the mud pump without belt or chain transmission greatly reduces the vibration and noise of the mud pump, greatly improving the working environment for workers.

The construction department should have dedicated maintenance personnel responsible for the maintenance and repair of construction machinery. Regularly check and maintain the mud pump and other machinery, and promptly identify and solve problems to avoid downtime. During construction, pay attention to the size of sand and gravel particles. When the particles are large, check the vulnerable parts of the mud pump frequently to facilitate timely maintenance or replacement. The vulnerable parts of the mud pump are mainly pump shells, bearings, impellers, etc. Advanced wear-resistant measures can improve the service life of vulnerable parts and reduce project investment and increase production efficiency. At the same time, vulnerable parts should be kept in stock for timely replacement.

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