The Main Characteristics of Mud Pump Accessories

The Main Characteristics of Mud Pump Accessories

Ⅰ. What are mud pump accessories?

Oil drilling mud pump accessories, also called oilfield mud pump accessories, are an important part of drilling equipment, used to transport flushing fluid media such as mud or water into the borehole during drilling. 

Ⅱ. The characteristics of oil drilling mud pump accessories

1. Mud pump accessories can transport high-concentration, high-viscosity <10000PaS and floating slurry containing particles.

2. Mud pump accessories can deliver stable liquid flow without over-current, pulsation, stirring, and shearing slurry phenomena.

3. The discharge pressure of the mud pump accessories has nothing to do with the speed, and the discharge pressure can be maintained at a low flow rate.

4. The flow rate of the mud pump accessories is proportional to the speed, and the flow rate can be adjusted through the variable speed mechanism or the speed regulating motor.

5. Mud pump accessories have strong self-priming ability, and can directly pump liquid without installing a bottom valve.

6. The pump of mud pump accessories is reversible, and the liquid flow direction is changed by the rotation direction of the pump. It is suitable for occasions where the pipeline needs to be flushed in the reverse direction.

7. Mud pump accessories run smoothly, with low vibration and noise.

8. Mud pump accessories are simple in structure, easy to disassemble and maintain.

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