The Main Measures to Strengthen the Management of Oilfield Drilling Electrical Equipment

The Main Measures to Strengthen the Management of Oilfield Drilling Electrical Equipment

1. Innovate educational forms to improve the quality of management personnel

To strengthen the management of electrical equipment, it is the key to first strengthen the quality of the management team. The quality of the entire management team determines the level of electrical equipment management. Therefore, enterprises can only improve the overall management level by strengthening the education of the quality of the staff.

For this reason, companies should regularly train management personnel, and promptly teach the latest knowledge of the industry to relevant personnel, so that the staff can solve problems with the fastest speed and the highest efficiency. In addition, the management team should be encouraged to carry out innovative reforms of the entire management system based on the actual situation, so as to achieve the purpose of active thinking and enhance the ability of relevant personnel to respond to changes, so that the staff will be able to have a stronger ability to deal with emergencies.

2. Take good maintenance to prevent aging of electrical equipment

Any equipment will be aging, and electrical equipment is certainly no exception. Especially when oilfield drilling equipment are under long-term and high-load engineering operations, the aging rate of the equipment is correspondingly accelerated, and the life of the equipment will be shortened considerably.

In order to extend the service life of the equipment and achieve the purpose of saving costs, the maintenance of the equipment is particularly important. Good equipment maintenance can effectively reduce equipment aging speed and increase equipment life. Strengthening the management of electrical equipment should attach great importance to the maintenance of equipment. Good maintenance should start with understanding the causes of equipment aging, which can strengthen the pertinence of equipment maintenance. The aging of equipment mainly includes electrical factors, mechanical factors and thermal factors.

Electrical factors mainly refer to the magnetization of the equipment caused by the external strong magnetic field and high voltage, which leads to the breakdown of the equipment insulation layer. Therefore, when operating the equipment, attention should be paid to anti-static, lightning, strong magnetism and other factors that damage the equipment. 

Mechanical factors refer to the wear and deformation of the mechanical structure caused by friction and hard collision in the equipment when operating. Mechanical factors are the main factors of equipment aging. In order to reduce the loss caused by mechanical factors, workers should pay attention to the lubrication of the equipment and ensure the stability of the equipment operating environment.

Thermal factors are caused by the friction in the operation of the equipment, which causes the equipment to be in high temperature operation due to friction and heat. For example, the drill bits of oilfield drilling equipment are operated in a long-term high temperature state. The high temperature state can easily cause damage to equipment components and affect equipment operation.

3. Build a management system to improve the quality of electrical equipment management

To strengthen the management of electrical equipment, a high-quality and efficient management system should also be built. To this end, traditional individual management can be transformed into team management. Strict management rules and standards should be formulated to clarify the responsibilities of each unit so as to improve the responsibility system. With the acting of abandoning the complicated assessment system and simplifying the complexity, let the incidence of failures and hidden dangers become the main criteria for evaluating the work quality of each unit. To optimize the operating quality of electrical equipment, a strict reward and punishment system is needed to ensure that staff can truly participate in equipment management.